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Pat Benatar Tribute Show

"The Midwest's Officially Recognized"

Band Bios - Meet the Band

Cindy Maheras
Lead Vocals

Armin - Guitar

Paul Bata
Paul Bata

Lisa Damiani  Back-Up Vocals

Kevin Cobleigh

Karen Hart
Keys, Guitar & 
Backup Vocals

See you at the next show!

Cindy Maheras - Lead Vocals
Cindy's performances depict Pat in more ways than you can imagine and is a mere portrait of the 80's queen of rock.  Her belting vocals are not only pleasingly melodic, but possess a close likeness to the quality of Pat Benatar's unmistakable style.
Armin - Guitar
Armin - Guitar
Enough cannot be said about Armin's ability to emulate the style and technique of Neil Giraldo!  Truly an accomplished guitarist, Armin's guitar expertise and enthusiasm shows  in every performance.
Paul Bata    
Paul Bata - Drums
Paul started drumming at age 12 and took lessons from an old Chicago big band drummer, Sam Dean. He turned Paul on to drummers like Buddy Rich, Louie Bellson, Gene Krupa, and Cozy Cole. When Paul received his first drum set at 14, he immersed himself in the progressive rock world.   Paul's first major drum influence was John Bonham, followed by Mitch Mitchell, Bill Bruford, Stewart Copeland, and of course...Neil Peart.  He furthered his musical education by attending Roosevelt University majoring in percussion performance, and DePaul University where he graduated with a degree in Jazz Studies in 1995. Today, Paul is part of the music education field and continues to listen to, practice, and gain inspiration from many diverse genres of music.

Lisa Damiani - Back-Up Vocals
The back-up vocals of Lisa Damiani soar throughout BATTLEFIELD'S
performances, enhancing every song!  She is an accomplished vocalist & performer, examplifying great vocal versatility.

Kevin Cobleigh - Bass
Not many bass players can play a multitude of styles as well as Kevin Cobleigh.  His dedication to his instrument and level of ability are evident to those who hear him play.
Karen Hart - Keys, Guitar & Backup Vocals
A multitalented performer, Karen's talents include keyboards, guitar and vocals. 
Putting on a great show and having fun while doing it is her story, and she's sticking to it.